Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Pekoe and Zuri


We currently have several community (fostered feral) cats and kittens that need to be homed. In order to ensure they are in appropriate homes, we are offering our Bengals and Savannahs starting out at $300, but they must have their rescue buddies with them OR help us find them a home. So, purchase a Bengal or Savannah, you get a rescue kitty with it! All negotiations will come with a friendly interview and contract process. All have been properly socialized. Several of them are Supreme Grand Masters and Regional Winners in the TICA and CFA registries!

Please complete our Bengal/Savannah adoption survey here: Adoption Survey. This ensures us the right cat purrsonality is placed in a perfect home and applies to all of our Bengals and Savannahs.

If you're interested in one of our fostered feral kitties, please fill out our Rescue Application. These are all domestic shorthairs, none of them are Bengals or Savannahs.

Price range: $300-$3000

Just like pedigreed dogs, horses or any other show quality animal, there is a sticker shock response in regards to pricing. Believe it or not, this is our hobby, not a money-maker. We're very proud of our success and the happiness we provide our clients. Maintaining a healthy cattery is quite expensive, but very important!

Our pricing is a huge reflection on the quality of our lines, which is proven by their ancestry's history in show success, social skills and the longevity of their lives. The number one priority is health followed by temperament. Socialization is critical! Each of our kittens are handled daily starting at birth. After one year, our breeding cats are HCM screened on an annual basis, color and PKD tested through UC Davis.

All of our kittens leave the premises with a spay/neuter, vet health check, 8-year health guarantee via contract, TICA registration and up to date vaccinations.

Our veterinarian offers early spay and neuters starting at 2 lbs. We have had zero issues regarding this procedure and it is normal for them to be up and playing within hours up to the day after as if nothing had happened. Regardless, we will not release the kitten until at least 12 weeks of age. This insures us that the immunity level of the kitten is secured for a new home and reduces any chance of intestinal, upper respiratory or any other health concerns triggered by stress or change of environment.

Buyer Beware

You will find bengals and savannahs offered at substantially lower prices online. RESEARCH IS KEY! There are many backyard breeders and scammers out there that will not allow you to see the pets in person, provide a suitable health guarantee or registration papers. This is why there are laws in place---to protect you as pet owners. If the price is too good to be true, there's an unfortunate reason for it.

There is a lot of online bashing and ripoff reporting amongst breeders and buyers. The majority of it is false and the best course of action is to contact as many breeders as you can and ask lots of questions. You will find there will be a general consensus regarding bad and good reputations in the breeder circle that will enable you to quickly determine who to avoid and who to trust. Trust your instinct. Check out our Guide to quickly reference some of the red flags.

Below is a list of reputable breeders that we've either conducted business with in the past or consider part of our close TICA family. Each and everyone of them can attest to the integrity of our program and vice versa. A breeder that shows in TICA, is a positive indication that their cats are in optimal condition physically, mentally and healthfully.

  • Akerr's Bengals
  • Alvin Animal Control
  • Batifoleurs
  • Bengaland
  • Bengalflats Cheetahsden Bengals
  • Bengaluvrs
  • Boutique Cats
  • Boyd's Bengals
  • Cajun Ragdolls
  • Calitonk
  • Capstone Bengals
  • Charodey Siberians
  • Comix Devon Rex
  • Gulf Beach Bengals
  • Howling Coyote Cats
  • JungleTrax Bengals
  • LaGallerie Bengals
  • Lone Star Bengals
  • Lunakatz Bengals
  • Manjaro Cats
  • Mystre Bengals
  • Orchidhouse
  • Painted Cats
  • Recycled Love Rescue
  • Savoir Faire
  • Speakeasy Bengals
  • Starla's Cats
  • Traipse Bengals
  • TX-Elfkatz Devon Rex
  • Valnika Russian Blues

  • Pet Policy

    ALL kittens leave our cattery with the following: spay/neuter, Merial Purevax Feline3 vaccinations, vet approved check, microchip, contract, at least 12-weeks of age, food sample and health guarantee. Each kitten/cat placement requires an online survey, and phone interview. We only breed SBT and foster local rescues. Declawing is a barbaric and cruel punishment to any cat or kitten. It's absolutely forbidden in our contract.

    Kitty Purchase Guide

    There are many factors to consider when purchasing a pedigreed cat. Health, price, temperament, and lifestyle are just a few things to take into account when selecting your new kitty. To learn more about choosing the right cat for your household, check out our Guide.

    Texas Wild Animal Law

    All of our Savannahs are SBT and are not "hybrids" or "wild animals". According to our county's Wild Animal Regulations, our Savannahs do not meet their criteria as defined in their "wild animals" list and are perfectly legal in our part of Texas. Here is the link to Texas's Health & Safety Code 822.1: Regulation of Animals.