Open House

We are open for for open house this week and weekend. Please contact us if you wish to visit our cats and kittens!

Upcoming Cat Show

We will be exhibiting Bengals and Household Pets at the Mission City cat show in San Antonio, TX on April 7-8, 2018. Please come, visit us there, and meet our show cats!

Contact Info

Call or text us! (281) 698-7030 or (303) 912-1224

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Reputable Breeder Program

Proud member of the Bengals Illustrated Reputable Breeder Program!

Texas Wild Animal Law

All of our Savannahs are SBT and are not "hybrids" or "wild animals". According to our county's Wild Animal Regulations, our Savannahs do not meet their criteria as defined in their "wild animals" list and are perfectly legal in our part of Texas. Here is the link to Texas's Health & Safety Code 822.1: Regulation of Animals.

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Please complete our Bengal/Savannah adoption survey here: Adoption Survey. This ensures us the right cat purrsonality is placed in a perfect home and applies to all of our Bengals and Savannahs.

If you're interested in one of our fostered rescue kitties, please fill out our Rescue Application. These are all domestic shorthairs, none of them are Bengals or Savannahs.